ALL BLACK Leather & Suede Country Boots - Limited Edition RRP £139.99

by KTY


ALL in stock dispatched from the UK
The KTY boots are suitable for most activities and look nice as a fashion boot as well. A true quality boot which should suit your budget. *NOTE we have very limited numbers of this colour...

  • Leather foot and sole unit which is Voltex waterproof lined
  • Suede upper which is water resistant
  • TPR Sole
  • Cushioned inner sole
  • Breathable lining
  • Suitable for riding as they have a low heel and standard tread
  • Aesthetic laced detail to the top of the boot
  • Small elastic vent for a comfort fit
    Standard Fit (internal calf measurement)
    UK3 EU36 US5 - 36cm
    UK4 EU37 US6 - 36cm
    UK5 EU38 US7 - 37cm
    UK6 EU39 US8 - 38cm
    UK7 EU41 US9 - 38cm
    UK8 EU42 US10 - 40cm
    UK9 EU43 US11 - 40cm
    UK10 EU45 US12 - 42cm

    Regular/Wide (Semi-Wide) Fit
    UK4 EU37 US6 - 38cm
    UK5 EU38 US7 - 39cm
    UK6 EU39 US8 - 40cm
    UK7 EU41 US9 - 40cm
    UK8 EU42 US10 - 42cm

    Wide Fit
    UK3 EU36 US5 - 39cm
    UK4 EU37 US6 - 40cm
    UK5 EU38 US7 - 42cm
    UK6 EU39 US8 - 42cm
    UK7 EU41 US9 - 44cm
    UK8 EU42 US10 - 46cm
    UK9 EU43 US11 - 46cm
    UK10 EU45 US12 - 46cm

    Extra Wide Fit
    UK4 EU37 US6 - 42cm
    UK5 EU38 US7 - 44cm
    UK6 EU39 US8 - 45cm
    UK7 EU41 US9 - 47cm
    UK8 EU42 US10 - 47cm
    UK9 EU43 US11 - 48cm
    UK10 EU45 US12 - 48cm

    Height in cm (from foot bed to top)
    UK3 - 37
    UK4 - 37
    UK5 - 37.5
    UK6 - 38
    UK 7 - 39
    UK 8 - 39.5
    UK 9 - 40
    UK 10 - 40.5
*** In order to maintain longevity, we advise you keep them clean and feed the leather from time to time and spray the suede.

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